Buddies 2018-19

Bully Busters

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Congratulations to the children who succeeded in their Buddy applications. Each KS2 class have Buddies They take turns to be on duty every single playtime and lunchtime. Their job is to ensure all children are happy on the yard and have friends to play with. They deal with minor disputes and encourage others to talk through their disagreements to reach a compromise and ultimately to make friends. Buddies do a great job everyday, giving up their own break times to help others. They receive full training in the half termly meetings they attend, showing great commitment and dedication. We are very proud of you all. Keep up the great work!


Our Buddies have decided to award those children on KS1 playground with a certificate for showing sensible behaviour and setting an excellent example to others. Children who have good manners, treat others fairly and kindly, who make sure others aren't left out and who are generally nice to everybody will be chosen.

We are very proud of our Buddies who have shown great initiative in organising this - producing their own certificates and showing great collaboration skills as they work together to decide on the winners. Well done to you all!


Here are our Buddies who were successful in completing their application forms to become a Buddy. Buddies are on duty every Break Time and Lunch Time on both KS1 And KS2 playgrounds. They help to make sure all children are happy during break times and that they have friends to play with. They work together to resolve any conflicts that may occur ensuring all children feel safe and content during break times.

Buddies 2014/15

Buddies are on duty every playtime and lunch time on the infant and junior playgrounds. Buddies are responsible for making sure every child has somebody to play with. Buddies help to resolve any minor conflicts on the playground and make sure everybody is happy.


One of our buddies talks about her experience of being a Holy Name Buddy.