School Greenhouse

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Congratulations to our newly elected Eco Committee representing each KS2 class. We will keep you updated with the activities and events they organise/take part in throughout the the year.

Recycle Michael

A big thank you to those parents/carers who supported our Recycle Michael afternoon in KS2. Children were asked to use recyclable products to make a Recycle Michael to promote the four Rs (recycle, repair, reuse and reduce). The children worked alongside their parent/carers and produced some amazing models. The Eco Committee were so impressed with the models made by everybody. It’s a shame we can only enter 10 into Liverpool City Council’s Recycle Michael competition because we thought they were all worthy winners!


Our Greenhouse

The Eco Committee have been busy making a greenhouse made from plastic 2 litre lemonade bottles. A big thanks to Kat and Erica from Guild of Students in Liverpool for their help.

It was hard and time consuming work to prepare the bottles and attach them to the greenhouse frame. As you can see from the photos, we still need more bottles and we still have lots to do!

Mrs Lane and the Committee would be grateful for any help parents/carers are willing to offer. Look out for details of after school clubs open to any willing helpers (adults and pupils) so we can keep this project moving. Also keep sending in your empty bottles.


Eco Police

Eco Police have been a great tradition of our school for a number of years. Every playtime and lunchtime, Eco Police are on duty ensuring that each class is being as Eco-friendly as possible and are abiding by the Eco Law of Holy Name. They inspect each classroom and check that lights have been switched off and IWB and computer monitors which are not being used are switched off. They also check that bins are being used appropriately with all recyclables being put in the recycling bin.

Eco Police note those who are being Eco friendly on their check list. Those who have committed an offence are given an ‘x’. Crosses are counted up at the end of the week and results are shared with the whole school during Friday’s assembly. Those classes who get ‘Zero’ are congratulated but those who don’t are ‘Named and Shamed’. The class who get the most crosses are given a giant ‘Named and Shamed’ poster to put on their door. This serves as a reminder to be more Eco friendly in the coming week.

Children from Year 2 upwards can be our Eco Police. Children take great delight in the responsibility and duty. It has proven to be a great success in making all staff and pupils aware that their actions can make a big difference.

If you would like a turn of being the Eco Police, see Mrs Lane who will sign you into her diary for the next available date.



Green Schools’ Project


Governor’s Meeting

Here is a video showing two members of our Eco Committee who spoke to our Governors about their role in school at the latest Governor’s meeting.

Our Eco Committee attended Liverpool University to visit the Guild of Students. They enjoyed a tour of the university and saw all the facilities on offer. They particularly enjoyed seeing the roof top garden where there were lots of different fruits and vegetables growing. It was hard to believe we were in the heart of the City Centre, outside our Catholic Cathedral. Our Committee gave a presentation to University representatives, detailing their ideas for an eco project. The judges were very impressed and agreed to fund the committee with £100. Congratulations to you all – we are very proud of you. We will keep you updated with news about the Committee’s plans.

Holy Name Eco Committee 2015-16

Congratulations to all of the newly elected members of our Eco Committee. Details of projects we are involved in this year will be updated on here regularly. Also look out for our Eco Newsletter for current activities.