Fair Trade Fashion Show 2018

Fairtrade 2016/2017

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Fairtrade Christmas Bingo

Our Fairtrade Committee did a great job hosting Fairtrade Christmas Bingo in every class. They played a number of different Christmas themed bingo games where children had the opportunity to win Fairtrade goodies. What fun they all had!


Congratulations to our newly elected Fairtrade Committee representing each KS2 class. We will keep you updated with the activities and events they organise/take part in throughout the the year.

A message from our Fairtrade Committee

We would like to begin by telling you the good news that we have had our Fairtrade School Award renewed. Our award will last until Sept 2019, so it will last for another 3 years. In order to get the Fairtrade award, we have had to promote Fairtrade in school every term by organising different events. In the last year we have organised Fairtrade Christmas bingo, Fairtrade cake stalls, Fairtrade harvest and Fairtrade Fun Friday when we invited parents to come into school to complete Fairtrade activities in class. Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited to a Fairtrade conference in Liverpool Hope University.

Throughout the day, we took part in different workshops. The most interesting part of the day was when we got the opportunity to meet with two children from Ghana who benefit from the work of the Fairtrade organisation. The 2 children Samuel and Esther, work hard with their families on farms which grow cocoa. The cocoa is used to make chocolate. They work for Divine Chocolate which means that they get a Fairtrade Premium for the cocoa they help grow. It is quite sad because the children work long hours to help produce the cocoa used to make chocolate, but they very rarely get the chance to taste the chocolate they help to make. They showed us photographs of their homes which were made from mud clay.

It was very difficult for them during rainy weather because the rain damages their homes very easily. Samuel and Esther were lucky to be able to go to school. They had to walk up to half an hour to get there. They both spoke very good English and enjoyed going to school. Their favourite subjects were science and social studies. Even though we have our Fairtrade Schools award, we do not want to stop here. We want to keep spreading the word of Fairtrade and want to invite you to future events that we will organise.


Governor's Meet our Fairtrade Committee

Governor's Meeting Our Fairtrade Committee attended the Governor's meeting to update them on their activities. They shared the good news about our Fairtrade Schools' Award renewal and shared their experience of their recent attendance to Liverpool Fairtrade Conference. Well done to them all for speaking so confidently in front of an audience of adults.

Fairtrade 2015/2016

Congratulations to our newly elected Fairtrade Committee members. The Committee are looking forward to organising this year's termly activities in support of the Fairtrade Organistion. Look out for the details in the Fairtrade Committee's section of the school website and in our newsletters.”

Fairtrade 2014/2015

Our School Council, Eco Committee & Fairtrade Committee are currently working together to organise an Eco Fayre, which will take place at the end of March 2015.

During our latest meeting, members of the Eco Committee sought the support of the other committees to organise a Fayre having guaranteed funding for the idea from The Green School Project. Eco Committee members shared their ideas about what they wanted to do in the Fayre. The meeting came to a happy conclusion with members of all of our committees agreeing to work together to organise a fun and informative Eco Fayre.

It was also acknowledged that in order for us to prepare for such an event, we need to seek the support of our whole school community. Members have sought the support of their fellow pupils, their teachers and family members. If anybody is interested in offering their support, please get in touch with Mrs Lane. We will keep you updated with details of our Eco Fayre.


As part of our committment to supporting the Fairtrade organisation, our Fairtrade Committee had a Fairtrade stall in our Christmas Fayre. A big thank you to those people who donated Fairtrade goodies to be sold. All money raised will be donated to the Fairtrade organisation.


Fairtrade Fun Day

Congratulations to our Fairtrade Committee who organised a fun filled afternoon for their fellow pupils and parents/carers. Our committee did a great job promoting the work of the Fairtrade organisation and highlighting the types of products they produce. They led a range of activities and games which were enjoyed by all. Don't forget- support the producers of our world and buy Fairtrade!


Governor's Meeting

Here is a video showing two members of our Fairtrade Committee who spoke to our Governors about their role in school at the latest Governor's meeting.

The Fairtrade Committee did a brilliant job organising the Fairtrade Christmas Bingo for the whole school. They arranged for a number of bingo games to be played and took charge of delegating the roles between themselves. They took turns at explaining the procedures to each class, being callers, checkers, prize givers and helpers. They did fantastically well and lots of winners enjoyed their Fairtrade chocolate goodies.