Pupil Voice at Holy Name

Here at Holy Name, we strongly believe that our pupils are the most important members of our school community. We therefore ensure that every single pupil has the opportunity to voice their opinions on things that matter to them most.

Each year, there are elections for a wide range of different roles within the school that cover a huge range of responsibilities. We have Prefects, a School Council, an Eco Committee, a Fairtrade Committee, Playground Buddies, Reading Revolutionaries, Maths Ambassadors, Librarians, Tuck Shop Executives and Maths Buddies. Each role comes with its own responsibilities and all include a huge sacrifice of the pupils’ time (play times, lunch times and after school). They take part in the organisation of events and activities, they contribute to governors meetings and they share the responsibility of looking after the needs (both educational and emotional) of our pupils.

During a Pupil Voice assembly, we had the opportunity to introduce our pupils to all of the children who are representing them. Each group took it in turns to introduce themselves to their fellow pupils and explained briefly what they considered to be the most important aspects of their jobs. Each group emphasised how although they had been elected/selected to take on the different roles, they were ultimately representing the whole school; each and every child still had the right to have their voice heard. All pupils are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas with their representatives. In this way, we at Holy Name work together as one great big team. Everybody here at Holy Name is extremely proud of every single one of our pupils. Pupils are encouraged to share ideas, offer support, work collaboratively, respect each other’s opinions, work to their strengths, stand up for each other and generally work together with the intention of making our school the best it can be for every single pupil.