Pie (3.14) Eating Competition

After a very successful Pi day on Monday 14 March (3.14) the year six children decided to organise a fun activity based around Pi. As we now understand Pi and we love pies we decided to combine the two with a pie eating competition.

The winner of the children's competition was Sarisha from class 11. Never have we seen a food item consumed so quickly! Well done Sarisha. All the children were excellent sports.

The teachers competition however, was a different story. Infant staff (Mrs Lane, Mr Gustafson, Mrs Taylor and Mr Cormack) against junior staff (Mrs Cormack, Mr Moore, Mr Doyle and Mr Radforth) Congratulations to the junior staff as they won 3 out of 4 rounds with Mr Doyle thinking he was at a tea party! Well done to all the staff - they are amazing and always up for a laugh.


Monday 14 March is National Pi Day!

Year six will be celebrating by having a pi theme. There will be art, maths, history and geography taking place. They will then be presenting all their findings to the whole school in assembly on Friday 18th March.


Problem Solving (November 2015)

All classes from Reception to year six enjoyed some really tricky problem solving. The children tried very hard and had great fun!

Maths through Drama (December 2015)

Quantum Theatre paid us a visit in the Autumn. All classes enjoyed the exciting 'Captain Halfinch' play and had to use their maths skills to solve a lot of problems.