Numeracy for Life

The National Numeracy website is a fantastic site aimed at families. They understand and promote the vital need for good numeracy skills in life.

They have an online challenge and all the staff at Holy Name are completing this at their own pace. It reminds us that it is essential to keep our maths skills fresh. You can take part in the online challenge at your own pace at home or we can open up the school ICT suite at certain times for you to complete the work here if you would prefer. Please just speak to Mrs Burns and she will arrange a convenient time.

The link for the challenge is here

You can try the challenge or just have a look around the site – here is their own introduction to their work and beliefs.

National Numeracy is an independent charity established in 2012 to help raise low levels of numeracy among both adults and children and to promote the importance of everyday maths skills. We aim to challenge negative attitudes, influence public policy and promote effective approaches to improving numeracy. Where possible, we work in partnership with other organisations to achieve these aims.

We offer practical ways of helping adults and children improve their numeracy – in the community, the workplace and formal education. We work directly in schools and colleges through our trading subsidiary National Numeracy Solutions. Their
specialist education team offers bespoke consultancy help to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. It also provides advice on our policy and practical work nationally and helps with implementation.

We believe

  • Numeracy is an essential skill – and an entitlement – for everyone. The economic success of the UK and the wellbeing of people individually are dependent on it.
  • Everyone can improve their everyday maths skills. Numeracy can be learnt. Mathematical understanding is not determined at birth.
  • Improvement takes effort and application. The real key to better numeracy skills is determination and resilience. Learning can be hard work for everyone.
  • Improving numeracy needs encouragement, support and good teaching. The education system, employers and politicians all have a part to play.
  • Negative attitudes are the foremost barrier to making the UK numerate. Removing them – getting rid of mistaken beliefs and the widespread ‘rubbish at maths’ tag – is fundamental to change.

Research from The Telegraph

Due to changes in the maths curriculum, parents are finding it difficult to show their children the ‘right’ way to solve calculations. If you find that you are having a similar problem, please put you name down for our parent classes starting in June 2016 or come in on Wednesday 25th May for our stay and calculate session.