Harvest Collection

Thank yoy to everyone who donated to our harvest collection. Everything was donated to St Pauls' local food bank.


Holocaust Memorial

Liverpool Schools Parliament

Three representatives from our school attend Liverpool School Parliament meetings every half term. They are great ambassadors for our school.

Junior Lord Mayor

MacMilan Coffee Morning

Please Don't Park Outside Our School

School Council Road Safety Campaign

Our School Councillors have been busy putting Lauren's winning banner to good use. They have been on duty each morning and afternoon displaying the banner and making sure everybody parks considerately. Their presence has made a considerable difference and there have been very few offenders who have broken the law whilst our Councillors have been present.

The School Council have appreciated all of the positive comments and support from all of our parents/carers. We thank you all for taking the time to park with the safety of our children in mind. We are pleased to say that the majority of people are now taking notice. Thank you to our caretaker Keith for his support in this campaign and to our Community Support Officers.


Road Safety Competition

School Council were thrilled to announce the winner of their competition which they launched during National Road Safety Week. Pupils were asked to design a poster which would be transferred onto a banner to display around our school grounds to highlight the importance of NOT parking on the zig zag lines directly outside our school.

It was a tough decision to select just one design as there were lots of really impressive pieces of art work. Children of our school had really made a huge effort and put lots of thought into their designs, but after lots of consideration, Lauren from Year 5 was chosen by our School Council to be the winner.

Congratulations Lauren! We look forward to displaying the banner very soon (details will be updated very soon) and we hope that it helps to stop people parking inconsiderately outside our school.

Health & Safety Inspectors

Every lunchtime, Health & Safety Inspectors inspect each classroom to check that children have left their classrooms and cloak areas neat, tidy and that there are no health and safety issues. Children record the results on their chart and during Friday's assembly they announce which classes have improved and which classes need to do better.

Anybody in Years 2-6 wishing to be our Health and Safety Inspectors, please see Mrs Lane who will sign you up and let you know what date you begin your duty.

School Council Holocaust Research Competition

School Council organised a competition for Holocaust Memorial Day. KS2 children were asked to research this topic at home and write down the information they found. School Council members were very impressed with the effort so many of the children had put into their work.

The four winners who were chosen were accompanied by Mrs Lane on a visit to Liverpool Town Hall. Here they were lucky enough to meet three survivors of the Holocaust who shared their own personal stories about the experience of the Holocaust.

Posh Nosh

Our School Council have been working with our lunchtime supervisors and have arranged for Posh Nosh to happen each Friday. Here is a video of two members announcing the news and details of Posh Nosh during our weekly Good News Assembly.

Governor's Meeting

Here is a video showing two members of our School Council who spoke to our Governors about their role in school at the latest Governor's meeting.


School council members have visited the Bannerman to organise the printing of the winning Road Safety Poster. Details of the winner are still top secret but the School Council members are very much looking forward to announcing the winner in a grand revealing assembly. Details of which we will announce as soon as we have the details.


Members of our School Council represent our school in Liverpool Schools' Parliament. They meet in the prestigious Liverpool Town Hall each half term to discuss issues which affect all children and young people across the city.

Each year, 12 representatives from Schools' Parliament are elected to become Junior Lord Mayor. In order to be elected, children are required to do a speech in the Council Chamber in front of an audience of Liverpool School Parliament representatives.

We are delighted to announce that Liam Glennon from Class 6 has been elected to represent not only our school, but the entire city, by becoming Junior Lord Mayor. Congratulations Liam! He was a fabulous ambassador for our school as he confidently delivered a speech to nearly 200 people in the Council Chamber.

Lord Mayor Tony Concepcion popped into the latest meeting and kindly posed for a photo with our representatives. Liam can now look forward to shadowing the Lord Mayor for a whole month when he will get the opportunity to attend a variety of events in the role of Junior Lord Mayor.

We will keep you posted of his ventures.

Junior Lord Mayor of Liverpool

Liam from Class 6 officially became Junior Lord Mayor of Liverpool after successfully being chosen in the recent election. He attended an inauguration ceremony in Liverpool Town Hall where he met Lord Mayor Tony Conception. Liam's time in office will be September 2016. Congratulations Liam, we look forward to reporting what events you attend and what duties you fulfill as Junior Lord Mayor.

Food Bank

School Council wish to thank you to everybody who supported them by contributing to our Harvest collection of food which we donated to our local Food Bank. Your contributions were gratefully received by the people helping those in need.

School Councillors

Congratulations to our newly elected School Councillors. Members are already busy organising activities for the whole school to participate in. Details of our activities can be found in our School Council newsletters.

School Council 2014/15

Our School Council, Eco Committee & Fairtrade Committee are currently working together to organise an Eco Fayre, which will take place at the end of March 2015.

During our latest meeting, members of the Eco Committee sought the support of the other committees to organise a Fayre having guaranteed funding for the idea from The Green School Project. Eco Committee members shared their ideas about what they wanted to do in the Fayre. The meeting came to a happy conclusion with members of all of our committees agreeing to work together to organise a fun and informative Eco Fayre.

It was also acknowledged that in order for us to prepare for such an event, we need to seek the support of our whole school community. Members have sought the support of their fellow pupils, their teachers and family members. If anybody is interested in offering their support, please get in touch with Mrs Lane. We will keep you updated with details of our Eco Fayre.

We are very pleased to announce that our school has been selected by Parliament to represent our constituency in 'Parliament 2015 Flag Project'. This has involved members of our school council designing a flag which they feel represents where we live. Children have shown great commitment to their roles in school by meeting both during school hours and after, to share ideas and work collaboratively to create the finished product.

Conor O'Donnell stood for election to become Young Lord Mayor of Liverpool. He did a speech in the Council Chamber of Liverpool Town Hall in front of over 200 School Parliament members.

Although he was not elected, we are immensely proud of him. He did a fantastic job speaking so confidently and eloquently in such an intimidating environment with such a large audience.

Two members of each KS2 class are elected by their class mates to become School Council representatives. Children stand for election by doing a speech for their class, detailing why they would like to become a school councillor and what qualities they would bring to the role.

School Council meet on several occasions throughout each term. Councillors discuss what they would like to do and then arrange to meet in smaller groups at other times to complete any tasks needed to organise their activities/events. Meetings take place both during lunchtimes and after school. Parents/carers and governors are always welcome to attend meetings.

School Council often work in collaboration with Friends of Holy Name to help organise events for the children in our school.

Conor did a speech in the Council Chamber of Liverpool Town Hall during the election of Junior Lord Mayor. We are very proud of him.

MacMillan Dress Up and Dance

School Council did a brilliant job organising an event in order to raise money for Macmillan. The day's activities included a Flash Dance and a Dance Off.

FLASH DANCE involved School Council taking simultaneous control of all the interactive boards of every classroom from the control centre (The ICT SUITE). At various points during Friday morning's lessons, they played music reaching each class signalling to all pupils and staff to stop work and to get up and dance! As you can imagine, not as much work as usual was accomplished but it was all for a good cause!

The afternoon's activity was a whole school DANCE OFF. Representatives from each class danced for the whole school. Members of the Council were in charge of organising the line up, the music, hosting and judging the entire event. Holy Name has certainly got lots of talented dancers and entertainers and it was a difficult job to find a winner. Well done to everyone who took part from the body poppers and ballerinas of Reception to the hip hoppers and Bollywood stars of KS1 & 2.

Congratulations to all our Winners!

  • 1st - Ryan
  • 2nd - Emily, Georgia & Emmie
  • 3rd - Kuda, Millie, Abel, Acsah & Aaron