School Closure Details

The school may be unable to open for a variety of reasons, including:

  • breakdown of heating;
  • frozen pipes;
  • inaccessibility of roads and/or site due to very heavy snowfall or adverse conditions

Below is a link to the local authority which refers to the closure of schools in its area during adverse weather conditions. However the decision is usually left to the individual school.

The decision about whether the school should open will be determined by the following:

  • advice from the police and other agencies about travel conditions and conditions around the school;
  • advice from the local authority, as appropriate;
  • access to the school site for pedestrians, drivers and emergency vehicles and safety of the site:
  • availability of staff;

The decision to close the school is an unavoidable closure. The head teacher will take into account advice from any relevant agencies, consult with the local authority, the senior management team of the school and the school governors before making that decision.

Parents will be informed of any closures by Text messages when possible and parents/carers should look for information on the Radio City School closures website.

Information will also be relayed on the school website.