Eco Committee


Our Eco Committee is made up of representatives from each KS2 class. Each September, we have an election campaign when children prepare a speech and present it to their class. Children then vote for the candidate they wish to represent their class.

Our Eco Committee meet at least every half term. They are in charge of promoting Eco issues and organising whole school community Eco activities and competitions.

Green Flag Award

Our Eco Committee are proud to have held the prestigious Green Flag award for over 16 continuous years.

Links with our Community

As an Eco School, our Eco Committee work tirelessly to encourage our whole school community to be as eco-friendly as possible. A big thank you to all of the children and their families who worked together at home to create a video showing the many ways we can all be kinder to our planet. You are all stars!

Eco Police

Here at Holy Name, we know it is the responsibility of us all to be as environmentally aware as we can. A number of years ago, our Eco Committee created Holy Name Eco Law which is displayed in every classroom. For a number of years, we have employed Eco Police during break and lunch times whose job it is to inspect each class to ensure they are abiding by the Eco Law. During each Friday's assembly, the Eco Police reveal their findings.

Successful classes are awarded Eco Money which they can 'bank' throughout the year. Failing classes have Eco Money deducted from their account. At the end of the year, the class who have collected the most Eco Money are awarded with a McDonald's lunch. Our Eco Committee fund this with a whole school eco themed fund raiser.

Here is a video explaining how our Eco Police monitor every class during playtimes and lunchtimes to make sure Holy Name's Eco Law is being adhered to. There are grave consequences if a class does not follow the rules but a delicious meal for the greatest performing class at the end of the year. Remember, the Eco Police are watching!

Congratulations to Class 9 who are the Eco Police winners 2022-23!

As always, all classes did a great job of being as eco-friendly as possible. Keep up the good work everyone and remember, little things can make a big difference!

Big School Birdwatch

The Eco Committee would like to thank our very own Bill Oddie, Mrs Quinn who helped facilitate this year's Big School Bird Watch. All classes enjoyed the opportunity to go bird watching in our school grounds. Our Eco Committee submitted our data to contribute towards future studies.

Keep Our Sea Plastic Free- our bottle top mosaic

Congratulations to our Eco Committee after another successful whole school project. They led a whole school presentation at the beginning of Eco Week discussing the effects of plastic pollution in our seas. Each class then did work researching the problem in more detail with their teachers. Our Eco Committee asked each class to design a mosaic which would be made using used bottle tops. They designed posters to be sent home appealing for our whole school community to collect their used bottle tops. Once the mosaic entries had been collected, it was then the Eco Committee's job to select elements of different posters to use in our final mosaic design. Winning entries won a Golden Ticket to our Tuck Shop.

Once the elements of the design were finalised, the Eco Committee were then able to share their vision with our very own Mrs Eagle (a talented artist!). Mrs Eagle then drew the background in preparation for the children to paint it. Once the paint was dry, children were then able to glue on the bottle tops.

I am sure you will all agree, the hard work of the Eco Committee along with the help of the whole school community resulted in a marvelous mosaic. The mosaic takes pride of place on our main school corridor and is a constant reminder that taking care of the environment is the responsibility of us all.


NHS mosaic

Our Eco Committee would like to thank the school community once again for helping to collect used bottle tops. I am sure you will agree that the mosaic they created in honour of NHS is fabulous. It has been donated to our neighbours across the road at Aintree Hospital and is proudly on display on one of their corridors for all to see and admire.


MAD Science

We welcomed Mad Science who taught us the importance of taking care what we flush down the toilet…


Battery Collection

Thank you to everybody who has been supporting our Eco Committee's campaign to collect batteries. Having done a whole school assembly to highlight the importance of preventing used batteries going to landfill, our committee have been overwhelmed by the whole school community's efforts to use their battery boxes to collect batteries. We filled our tubs in no time but we will continue to collect them so keep sending them in please.


Walk to School Week

Thank you to everybody who supported our Eco Committee's campaign to reduce the number of cars on the roads during morning rush hour.


The Great Big School Clean