Fairtrade Committee

Our Fairtrade Committee are elected each September after an election campaign whereby candidates prepare a speech detailing why they want to be a member of the Fairtrade Committee. Each KS2 class elect one representative. The Fairtrade Committee meet at least once every half term to discuss how to promote Fairtrade. They plan, organise and share details with the whole school community.




Our Letter to the Future

As part of The Great Big Green Week, our Fairtrade Committee encouraged UKS2 to write letters to future Holy Namers regarding environmental issues and the effects climate change has on producers of the world. They collected in the letters and took out their favourite parts from different examples. They collated all of the ideas to produce our very own letter to future Holy Name pupils.




Fairtrade Video

Our Fairtrade Committee would like to thank the school community for joining together in support of Fairtrade. Together, they have created a video showing the many Fairtrade products you can buy in support of farmers and producers across the globe.


Fairtrade School Award

CONGRATULATIONS! Our Fairtrade Committee have successfully met the criteria for this prestigious award yet again. We are super proud to announce that following our recent application, we have successfully maintained our Fairtrade status for the 12th successive year.

Obviously, we couldn't have done this without the support of our whole school community. Thank you everyone!

Whole School Fairtrade Assembly

Our Fairtrade Committee would like to thank all classes for their involvement in our whole school, Fairtrade assembly. Children enjoyed sharing their learning about all of the things they learned about Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Fashion Show

Congratulations to our Fairtrade Committee for organising another successful whole school project.

Having tasked each class with learning about Fairtrade issues during Fairtrade Fortnight, they organised a whole school celebration of their learning which resulted in our Fairtrade Fashion Show.

Each class were allocated an item of clothing. They were given 50 Fairtrade labels from chocolate bars and were challenged to not only create the item of clothing, but to dress a member of their class in the item. During the Fashion show, each class were awarded points for their item of clothing, their catwalk routine and the quality of work they shared with the school about Fairtrade.

As you can see from the pictures, we had great fun admiring the handiwork of very talented members of our school. Most of all, our Fairtrade Committee succeeded in raising awareness of the work of The Fairtrade Organisation. Congratulations to you all.