Our Ethos and Values

Holy Name has a strong Catholic ethos with strong Community links. We work in partnership with the local community to develop links to enrich the learning experiences of our pupils.

We believe that our children only get one chance at Education and are therefore entitled to the best. We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and strive to offer our children an Education which will equip them for the 21st Century and for life.

We believe that every child is of equal value and should be given every opportunity to develop their true potential, intellectually, socially, morally, physically and emotionally. Our children feel safe and secure and are happy at school. We promote a policy of Inclusion for all. We have an ethos which caters to meet the needs of all our children and enrich their lives for ever.

Our aim is to develop excellence in terms of attainment and personal growth. We provide many opportunities to prepare our children for their future working life through continued development of their skills and personal qualities such as having ambition and determination to succeed. We focus on the whole child, building on their skills and talents and celebrating their achievements.

We promote a caring, learning community, where everyone is valued and may flourish. We provide a good guidance and support for our pupils. There is strong pastoral care from all staff and everyone has a valuable contribution to make to the success of our school.

The curriculum offered to our children is engaging and meaningful. The Learning Environment is vibrant, stimulating, motivating and a celebration of our children’s attainment. We have gained several External Accreditations to celebrate our work.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of our school are frequently commented on by our parents, LA visitors, students, and other visitors. Ofsted said that our children’s behaviour was “exemplary”.

We are committed to the principles and outcomes embedded in “Every Child Matters”. There is a strong Home-School Partnership and parents are very supportive of all school activities. Parents have confidence in our school. They are supportive of out work and trust us.

Our pupils are able to contribute to aspects of the decision making process within school by expressing their views. Our children make a significant contribution to the like of our school and demonstrate a strong sense of Citizenship.

The Governing Body plays a strategic and active role in the in the development of our school. They are effective and demonstrate a passionate commitment for their work. They provide clear direction and appropriate challenge. We hope you find the following information useful.