It was a particularly difficult decision to make this year as we have many committed readers in our current Year 6. These children have been chosen for their love of reading as well as their passion to inspire all of our Holy Name children to become lifelong literary lovers!

The main purpose of a Reading Revolutionary is to encourage others in school to read more by supporting them to find the right types of reading materials.

There is much research that shows children who read regularly at home perform better at school. As well as being beneficial to learning, it is also lots of fun when you find the right types of books for you!

Our Reading Revolutionaries main roles:

· To read to other classes as a role model, promoting a love of reading.

· To listen to individuals read who may need further support to aid them on their own reading journey.

· To support children who find it difficult to find a quiet space to read at home by observing readers in the Reading Realm.

· To recommend reading materials to other year groups and online via Twitter.

· To help reluctant readers find the right books.

· To monitor and tidy the Reading Realm.

· To gather pupil voice for any reading requests.