School Council

Our School Council is elected every September. There are two representatives from each KS2 class who successfully win an election campaign where they prepare speeches for their class.

School Council meet at least once every half term to discuss any whole school projects/initiatives that they feel is important to implement.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Toy Appeal

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations towards our Community Christmas Toy Appeal, your kindness will ensure that so many families and children in the local area will receive some much needed help at this time of year. The Federation are extremely grateful for each and every gift.

Holocaust Memorial

School Council organised a competition for Holocaust Memorial Day. KS2 children were asked to research this topic at home and write down the information they found. School Council members were very impressed with the effort so many of the children had put into their work.

The four winners who were chosen were accompanied by Mrs Lane on a visit to Liverpool Town Hall. Here they were lucky enough to meet three survivors of the Holocaust who shared their own personal stories about the experience of the Holocaust.

Silly Hat Day

Our School Council organised for our school to take part in Silly Hat Day in order to commemorate the 40th birthday of Claire (of Claire House). Claire Bear then came into school to personally thank everybody for their generous donations.

Posh Nosh

Our School Council have been working with our lunchtime supervisors and have arranged for Posh Nosh to happen each Friday. School Council will announce the the winners of Posh Nosh as selected by our lunchtime supervisors.