What is SMSC?

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural. But what does it mean to our children?

As a Catholic School SMSC is intrinsic in all that we do. The 4 elements are linked. It is seen as vitally important in each child's development as a human being and the part they play in society. SMSC education is to be "lived" and our motto "Shine like the stars" is actively promoted in our lives to encourage us all to be the best that we can be.


At Holy Name, we believe that spirituality is awareness that there is something other, some greater being outside of the realm of the course of everyday events. Other aspects of spirituality include the awe and wonder of the world and the people in it, using imagination, being creative, mystery sensing, the here and now and the feeling of being "at one". Our children are encouraged to reflect about their own beliefs and values and to have respect for other faiths.


From the time each child attends Holy Name they are nurtured to understand the reasons for getting on with each other, learning to identify what is right or wrong and realise that there are consequences to their actions which impact on others. Our children learn to obey school rules, which lead to their later understanding of having respect for the law. They are encouraged to have mutual respect and recognise and use the qualities and talents we each possess.


Beginning in Nursery emphasis is put on the development of social skills with awareness for the needs of others, including the safety and welfare of everyone. Collaboration is used to enhance learning and is taught as a life skill. Opportunities are provided for our children to take up roles of responsibility, democratically elected by their peers, and make a valuable contribution to society at local, national and global levels to develop them as citizens for the future.


Our children are nurtured to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. They are nurtured to understand different viewpoints and working collaboratively in order to bring about change, by demonstrating equality and tolerance themselves. They are helped in the preparation for their participation in life in Modern Britain and to appreciate the role of Britain's Parliamentary System.

Preparation for Life in Modern Britain

British Values


School Council

Fairtrade Committee

Eco Committee


Rule of Law

Individual liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance