Holy Name Catholic Primary School Sports Premium

Through PE and sport, our children learn to develop the importance of teamwork, communication, ambition, resilience and discipline, leading to improved concentration, attitude and academic achievement.
We are grateful for the Government’s announcement to provide additional funding to improve the provision of Physical Education (PE) and sport in Primary Schools.  We are committed to using this resource in developing high-quality PE lessons to all ages and maximising the sporting opportunities across Holy Name.



Here are a few of our sports activities

Tennis Tournament

Our year 4's have had a great afternoon at Wavetree Sports Park for the Mini Red Tennis tournament.

Basketball Tournament

Well done to our Year 6's who participated in the Basketball Tournament at St Margaret's School. A busy and challenging afternoon but lots of fun.

Meet our play leaders

These children have received training from the Liverpool School Sports partnership to become play leaders. They are looking forward to putting their training into action to increase physical activity on the playgrounds during lunch times.

POWER program

Our year 3/4 children have taken part in a 6-week ‘POWER’ program ran by Liverpool School Sports Partnership. It is vital that young people develop positive health behaviours as early as possible. The power programme supports the development of positive health behaviours in a fun and engaging way so the learning becomes embedded. For example, the children have taken part in a session all about “empowerment” and created their own warm-up games and taught them to one other. They also chose their own “power” stance.