University of Holy Name

What is University of Holy Name?

We believe participation in extra-curricular activities can positively impact on attainment, boost self-confidence and resilience. Research shows that children who do not have access to such opportunities can fall behind, lack confidence and fail to develop future career aspirations.

We at Holy Name aim to promote and encourage high quality out-of-school-hours activities for our children. We believe participation in such activities has many positive outcomes such as:

  • Increased confidence and self-belief
  • Increased levels of interest in exploring the world around them
  • Development of a broad range of skills
  • Empowers pupils to make positive choices about their future
  • Aspirations to life long learning

At Holy Name, we want to celebrate the efforts made by our children by acknowledging their commitment to the clubs and activities they participate in out of school hours. Activities can include clubs which run in school or separate outside agencies but they must take place outside the normal school day.

For every hour children attend a club one credit is earned. To graduate from The University of Holy Name with a bronze award, children need 30 credits. For silver award it’s 65 credits and for gold award it’s 100 credits.

We want as many of our pupils as possible to experience our annual University of Holy Name Graduation Ceremony. Children can invite their families to the graduation where graduates wear a cap and gown, just like in a ‘grown up’ ceremony. Graduates are awarded a certificate in celebration of their resilience, their commitment to learning new skills and determination to succeed.


After School Clubs

Children enjoy a number of different after school clubs here at Holy Name. We offer lots of clubs such as computing, football, music lessons, gardening, basketball, and multi-skills. We also have many committees which pupils can get involved in to earn credits such as School Council, Fairtrade Committee, Buddies and Eco Committee. Our school also offer after school booster classes which help children with their English and Maths. We know our pupils attend a vast array of activities outside of school such as swimming lessons, football, martial arts, football, and gymnastics. All of these can be used towards credits for The University of Holy Name.

Graduation Ceremony 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 University of Holy Name and Masters of Thinking Moves graduates!

We use our annual graduation ceremony to celebrate the efforts made by our children and acknowledge their commitment to the clubs and activities they participate in out of school hours. We were pleased and proud to see so many of our pupils reach the requirements this year. Watch this presentation to see them in action…

Graduation Ceremony 2022

Congratulations to all of our graduates. This year's graduation ceremony took place in school. We would like to thank our Chair of Governors, Mrs Sibert for presenting our children with their awards.